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Definitions of Some of the Rebuildable Industry Terms We Use
Rebuildable Salvage Cars Repairable Salvage Cars Salvage Vehicle
Rebuildable Dealer Wrecked Vehicles Repairable Vehicles
Rebuildable Salvage Titled Vehicles Damaged Vehicles

Damaged Vehicles

Hurricanes, floods, hail, storms and other natural forces cause millions of dollars of yearly destruction to cars, trucks and other vehicles. These damaged vehicles can occasionally be repaired, returned to “like new” condition, and sold to interested parties or driven on the road by you..

Thousands of these damaged cars, trucks and other vehicles are sold at fantastic discounts at insurance auctions all over the country. AutoKeen offers these vehicles to the internet community, so average people are now able to find the discounted damaged vehicles they are looking for without finding a dealer to search the auctions and other websites. All the listings you need can be found right here.

Damaged cars. trucks, suvs, and vans provide tremendous opportunity to individuals who want to take advantage of great bargains, especially with damaged cars that are sold by leasing companies. These vehicles are usually "not totaled", have been well maintained and are late model low mileage clean vehicles. Sellers and dealers offer these damaged cars at rock-bottom prices and interested body shops and individuals often receive unbelievable discounts on repairable vehicles.

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